Jacenty Dędek, born in 1966 in Czestochowa, is a freelance photographer and documentalist. For over ten years he has been a collaborator of the Polish edition of National Geographic Magazine, for which he prepared several reports.
He has been published in Duży Format, Tygodnik Powszechny, Polityka, Przekroj, Newsweek, Wprost, Forbes, Wiedza i Życie, the German newspaper Die Zeit. In recent years, he has been most often working on his own projects. He is greatly interested in common things that happen on the margins of main events, but always close to man.
His work has also appeared in publications of albums: Częstochowa dla każdego (1999), Wielka woda (1998), Ryszard Mamis. Daimonion (2000), Kalendarium Częstochowskie (2001), Tomasz Sętowski. Muzeum Wyobraźni (2003), Polska (2003; special edition of National Geographic), Nowa Europa (2004;special edition of National Geographic), Polska w obiektywie National Geographic album (2005).